Pre-orders for the long overdue debut album by Little Man (Ed Sullivan) is now up on Bandcamp. It features Grey Lotus members Joost Verhagen, Daan Arisz and Niels Van Der Weiden as well as Lars van der Weiden (The Irrational Library), Roelof Ruis (RaR, Spoon Lifts Moon) and ROOB Sebastiaan.

During a lifetime one may create a whole lot of work. It's not unlikely that all of this material piles up in a personal archive an fades into obscurity. But every once in a while, some works of art are simply too good to go by unnoticed. Someone may pick up on it and elevate it to a higher level. This is what happened when Irish singer/songwriter Ed O'Sullivan ran into Haarlem based avantgarde folk group Grey Lotus. Choosing from a library that contained decades worth of songs by O'Sullivan these two collaborated on an album containing the most memorable songs of the pool. Masterfully rearranged by the members of Grey Lotus, this debut album by O'Sullivans 'Little Man' stirs up memories of a musical era long gone. A must listen for fans of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Fairport Convention, Talking Heads, Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits. Sometimes melancholic and introspective, sometimes punchy, danceable and uptempo Little Man's 'Time' is a highly recommended eclectic folk rock album with a catchy pop attitude.
releases May 27, 2018

Special thanks to family and loved ones, friends present and past, heroes in art and life, the 1970s, open borders, Studio 111, the magnanimous universe.

Ripple in the Water is dedicated to the victims of the Tsunami of 2004

All songs written by Ed O’Sullivan
Additional arrangements made by Grey Lotus
Recorded at White Noise Studio
Engineered by Freek Philippi and Marlon Wolterink
Additional recordings and mixing at Up the Attic Studio by Daan Arisz
Mastered by Daan Arisz at the Gooi and Vecht Studio
Sleeve design and photography by Liselotte Verhagen

Little Man is:
Ed O’Sullivan – lead vocals
Eric van Drunen-Littel – bass, backing vocals

Daan Arisz – guitars, banjo, synths on Track 11
Joost Verhagen – harmonica, backing vocals, lead vocals on Track 4
Lars van der Weiden – drums and percussion
Niels van der Weiden – piano, keyboards, Hammond
Roelof Ruis − accordion
ROOB Sebastiaan – beat programming and electronics on Track 11
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11 track album

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Thanks to the amazing Georgio 'the Dove' Valentino and his amazing band for all the fantastic music, shared performances and recording sessions and of course for your breathtaking version of our song. We will miss you. ... See MoreSee Less

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2 track album